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August 1st 1881 via source

“when they dug their hands
into my body, looking
for my cause of death,
all they could find was a box
of silver and a pendant
with the argent crest”

they kept trying to bury me but there was nothing left // S.M. (via dallisons)

August 1st 694 via

@arden_cho: Yes! It’s Friday! Never been so happy for the weekend… What a long week. #exhausted

August 1st 112 via source
I miss you, and it still feels like I know you. I’ve got pictures of us side by side to show you. But it feels like I owe you so much more.
August 1st 2815 via source


You know you’ve watched a musical one too many times when you’re listening to the soundtrack and you can picture what they’re doing on-stage.

August 1st 43 via source